About Life Renewal Inc.

Life Renewal Inc. is a faith based, non-profit corporation in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide Clinical Christian Counseling through on-site services, phone, and Skype.

We help you obtain tangible tools and practical skills to empower you before challenges occur, or provide solutions right where you presently find yourself.

We give you the “how to” be transformed by identifying and improving thinking skills. This produces healthy life, and relationship skills. In addition to counseling services, Dr. Michele speaks at events, does workshops, and seminars. Dr. Michele has written four books and continues to create written, videos, webinars, and audio teachings. To read more about Dr. Michele, please click here.

We teach you how to have healthy thinking, life, and relationship skills. Our Clinical Christian counseling utilizes biblical principles and the Word of God mixed with psychological truths, and counseling tools to be applied to the whole person — body, soul, and spirit.

  • Have you ever experienced depression, anxiety, or negative emotions?
  • Have rejection experiences affected your attitudes, expectations, and self-image.
  • Has substance abuse or abusive relationships touched your life?

Maybe you’ve gone to counseling, read self help books, and done Bible studies, but you still find yourself struggling with the same issues! You have lots of pieces, but they’re like beads in a box without the string to form into a beautiful necklace.

You need tangible tools and practical skills to string all of your knowledge and understanding together, so you can apply it daily to your life. Then you can enjoy the peace, joy, and healthy relationships that you desire.

We don’t put band aides on your challenges. We teach you to be empowered and identify and improve your root system by recognizing how your experiences have sent you messages and built faulty thoughts and beliefs. We then equip you to apply solutions to improve your emotions, coping skills, communication, conflict resolution, and relationship skills.

“… be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2

Life is too short. Live your life with zeal and “Improve your life, one thought at a time!”

Life Renewal Inc. has been providing Clinical Christian Counseling services in Jacksonville, Florida for over 19 years.


– Dr. Michele

“Empowering Solutions For A More Fulfilling Life!”

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