Addiction Intensive Jump Start Program

Addiction Intensive Jump Start Program

Addiction definition: an unhealthy relationship with a substance or event.

Rehab for 30, 60, or 90 days is just impossible and not affordable for many clients. Rehab in many cases is recommended, however if that is not possible a 6-day intensive program with proper follow through and support can jump start your recovery and help prevent you from relapse.

In rehab settings the majority of your time is spent in group formats. Our intensives are custom design for your specific needs. All time spent is one on one with a counselor.

It may be alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, Facebook, gambling, eating, exercise or a myriad of other things that can fall into this definition. You use them to cope, improve mood, meet a need, and you can develop obsessive and compulsive behaviors.

Addiction begins at a very basic level with you seeking to change your mood. Some people may abuse substances or events during painful seasons, and then turn back to healthier ways of meeting needs. However, if a pattern is formed you are susceptible to developing an addictive relationship with a substance or event.

No matter what type of addiction, abuse progresses with an unhealthy relationship to the substance or event, creating faulty thought patterns, core beliefs, and life skills. The abuser then becomes dependent and believes their needs are being met by the substance.

Our intensives are custom designed for you, identifying what you as an individual need for emotional health and freedom from addictive patterns. This intensive will come with a custom created book filled with the tools that you are missing and focusing only on the areas that you specifically need.

Our 1, 2, or 3 day Intensive is designed to give you a Jump Start to overcome addiction, find its roots and begin the path to operating in new thinking and life skills.

Spending 8 – 24 hours in a 1 – 3 day intensive program is like a Jump Start of 2 – 6 months of counseling to rebuild the way you think and the choices that you make. It provides you with deep understanding, a road map of how to continue to move forward, and a toolbox filled with tools and new skills to apply.

A healthy foundation includes understanding your temperament design, development, thinking and core beliefs, bonding patterns, meeting your needs in healthy and unhealthy ways, life and relationship skills, and relapse recovery. We deal with all the issues from the root system up. Our intensive is not generic, focuses on your specific issues and helps you become the overcomer that you are called to be.

You will gain insight and understanding to why and how you operate in addictive thinking and behaviors. You will identify your triggers, and core beliefs that drive your behaviors. You will receive a Jump Start into the process of developing skills to make your life flourish and walk in firm recovery.

Foundations and Cognition

  • Identify a road map for a healthy life
  • Understand how unresolved wounds create faulty thinking that cause poor life skills and spiritual open doors
  • Gain an understanding of body, soul, and spirit
  • Identify the messages from friends, family, and cultural patterns that promoted beliefs and life skills that you operate in today
  • Gain an understanding how these messages have formed your thinking patterns and core beliefs and how they drive addiction and affect addictive behaviors
  • Understand how your reaction to life experiences have promoted addiction patterns
  • Learn the foundation of thinking and the 10 types of cognitive distortion that operate in your thought patterns to create addictive thinking patterns
  • Learn the “how to” take your thoughts captive, tear down the mental strongholds, and develop healthy self talk so that you can produce healthy behaviors
  • Learn tools for taking thoughts captive and tearing down strongholds before they affect your emotions, speech patterns, life, and relationship skills
  • Understanding the body, soul, and spirit connection
  • Tear down the faulty core beliefs that hinder long term recovery

Understanding Addictive Patterns

  • How addictive thinking patterns are formed
  • How a substance or event becomes your primary relationship
  • How the unhealthy relationship with the substance or event replaces healthy bonds in human relationships
  • Learn how addiction affects your self-image
  • Identify how you protect your addiction system
  • Identify how a substance or event is your go to for coping, finding fulfillment, and meeting your needs
  • How addiction cause s a duality that isolates you from others
  • Learn that to receive help from addictions you need other people in order to be accountable and receive support


Healthy Behaviors

  • Learn the steps to healthy bonding
  • Learn the “Requirements for Intimacy” and the 7 things needed to maintain it
  • Identify the “20 Healthy Behaviors in Relationships”
  • Learn the “15 Most Essential Needs” that all people require
  • Learn discernment tools
  • Learn healthy assertive skills
  • Learn to be proactive and not reactive
  • Learn healthy boundaries, expectations and how to give consequences
  • Learn healthy communication, coping and conflict resolution skills


  • You are a unique individual by design: Understanding your temperament design with all of your unique tendencies and needs and learn how it affects your thinking, and life skills
  • Apply your temperament design to your thinking and life skills
  • Identify how to overcome addiction through navigating through your temperament tendencies with good skills

Build a toolbox complete with all the tools to do the following:

  • Understand your past so it doesn’t affect your future
  • Understanding addiction
  • Develop healthy thinking skills
  • Tear down mental strongholds
  • Restructure addictive thinking patterns
  • Learn how to meet your temperament needs
  • Learn how to discern and set boundaries
  • Relapse Prevention

The number one enemy of recovery is to believe you can do it all on your own. It is a protection device to remain in your patterns. This program is designed to be adapted to your specific needs and challenges. Then you can succeed in understanding and overcoming this addictive system.

1-2-hour sessions is required for background and to design the workshop specifically to your individual needs. An A.P.S. is required prior to the intensive. Follow up sessions are available and recommended to help you continue and apply all that you have learned with accountability.

  • Counseling appointment fees are based on a sliding scale both before and after the intensive.
  • The A.P.S. report is a patented test that is $85 per report and is included with the 2-3 day intensive.
  • A custom designed book with all PowerPoint and handouts is included.
  • 2 snacks and lunch are included daily to keep on task.

A 6 day intensive program is 48 hours in length and is an equivalent to 11 months of counseling. It has a fee of $9,000. This option replaces 30-90 day rehabs with proper weekly follow through appointments and local support networks.

A 2 day intensive program is 16 hours and equivalent to 4 months of counseling and is a fee of $3,500.

A 3rd day can be added for $1000. A 3 day program is 24 hours in length and is equivalent to 6 months of counseling.

The contents of intensives can be used for inpatient and outpatient programs and the segments divided for various length programs. Intensives can also be adapted for groups or in a church setting.
A family member may attend if desired for gaining information only for a fee of $50 per day. Individual Intensives are done in our home office in Jacksonville Florida. They can also be done as a webinar and on the phone, or through Skype.


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