What Creates Your Self-image?

May 8, 2014
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What Creates Your Self-image?

who-am-i-personHow did we develop our self-image? How was our identity formed? From the day we were born we have received millions of messages that put labels on us and built our current belief system. Our life experiences have also influenced how we see ourselves. How we grew up shaped our opinions of ourselves. Did our families model the love, acceptance and mercy of God? Were we personally affirmed as a valuable person, created in God’s image and worth Jesus sacrifice on the cross?

Most of our identities have been marred by vital needs that were left unmet, negative words that were spoken over us, and life experiences that have beaten us down. All of this information has formed what we think of ourselves. We forge our own brand of truth based on what has been spoken to us and what our experiences have confirmed.

However, our sense of identity can be transformed by accepting what God says about us and acting upon it. What He says is truth, and when we agree with Him, we are beginning to act on the truth, that can be seen not through our eyes, but through God’s eyes.

We are who God says we are- nothing less and nothing more. God’s acceptance of us is not based on our good deeds, attitudes, or on anything that we have done. He doesn’t love us because we are pretty, good, or smart. He also doesn’t love us because of the good works that we do. God’s love is not offered to us with strings attached. Yes, He desires for us to respond to Him with obedience, but He loves us regardless of whether or not we fulfill that desire.

When we develop an intimate relationship with God, we can begin to see ourselves the way that God sees us, through the eyes of grace and forgiveness. Being a Christian is just the beginning of changing our perceptions of ourselves; it is when we choose to agree with the Word of God that we are transformed. What we think of ourselves is then molded to agree with God’s truth. It is not enough to know we are valuable to God. This truth must grip our heart so that we feel valuable.

How do we begin this renewing of our mind and opinions? Ask the Holy Spirit to search your true opinions of yourself. Look at the things you say to yourself and check them against the Word of God. If your opinions of yourself are contrary to what God says, choose who you will believe: yourself or the God of the universe. Replace your faulty thoughts with what God thinks of you.

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Choose to see yourself the way God sees you.

Dr. Michele


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