Marriage Intensive

Marriage Foundations Jump Start Program

Rebuild Versus Restore

How important is working on having a stable marriage to lead your family?

Our intensives are custom designed for you and your spouse, identifying what you as  individuals and as a couple need to restore your marriage. This intensive will come with a custom created book filled with the tools that you are missing and focusing only on the areas that you specifically need.

Our 2 or 3 day Marriage Intensive is designed to give you a Jump Start to rebuild your marriage relationship. This intensive is for couples who need to restore a struggling marriage by rebuilding from the ground up. Spending 16 – 24 hours in a 2-3 day intensive program is like a Jump Start of 4 – 6 months of counseling to save your marriage. It provides you with deep understanding, a road map of how to continue to move forward, and a toolbox filled with tools and new skills to apply.

We identify and separate the “Presenting Problems versus Root Problems.”

Too many workshops and counseling only focus on restoring a marriage and often there is nothing to restore. Restoring denotes that you had a healthy foundation and bonding, then lost those relationship dynamics somewhere along the path. Teaching, love, respect, roles, and even marriage skills are valuable but do not produce lasting changes when laid on top of faulty foundations with root problems. We deal with all the issues from the root system up. Our intensive is not generic but is specifically tailored for you so it addresses your challenges and leaves nothing out.

You like so many others, may need to rebuild what you never had or developed. You will create a solid foundation for your marriage and gain insight and understanding to why and how you send messages to your partner based on your own thinking, beliefs, and triggers. You will receive a Jump Start into the process of developing skills to make your marriage flourish.

Identify and Lay the Foundation

• You are both unique individuals by design: Understanding your spouse’s temperament design with all their unique tendencies and needs and learn how to navigate your differences
• Learn the “Requirements for Intimacy”
• Identify wounds and faulty roots that cause poor life skills
• Identify learned behaviors that were modeled for you that promoted beliefs and life skills that you operate in today
• Identify the messages from experiences before and during your marriage that formed your thinking patterns and core beliefs

Build a toolbox in the following areas:

• Learn the how to take your thoughts captive, tear down the mental strongholds, and develop healthy self talk
• Be Proactive and not Reactive
• Learn the “15 Most Essential Needs” that all people require
• Identify the “20 Healthy Behaviors in Relationships”
• Evaluate where you are in the “5 Levels of Communication”
• Learn how to do “Reflective Listening”
• Learn to send messages of “Validation versus Rejection”
• Learn the 10 Steps to Communication and 10 Steps to Conflict Resolution
• Practice Reflective Listening
• Learn to Validate your spouse

This program is designed to be adapted to your specific needs and challenges.
1-2  hour sessions for both the husband and wife individually are required for background and to gear the workshop specifically to your individual and couple needs. Follow up sessions are available to help you continue and apply all that you have learned with accountability.

Marriage Foundations can be adapted for multiple couples in a workshop setting.
Call to schedule a workshop in your church or group.

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