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Word Curses And Condemnation

Loser.” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “Can’t you do anything right?” Or how about, “You’re going to burn in hell,” just because you haven’t reached the standards set by man, not necessarily those set by God.

Unfortunately, too many of us have been the recipients of these types of word curses and more. They serve no purpose except to tear us down and make us feel ashamed and worthless. In fact, they can even prophesy our future, condemning us to a life other than what God had intended for us. 

In this episode, Dr. Michele Fleming will explain how spewing out these caustic predictions are more destructive than we give them credit to be; the kinds of words that are curses; why people speak curses, even from the pulpit; and what we can do if we happen to be the targets of condemning words.

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Undoubtedly, the church has doled out its share of spiritual abuse, creating many casualties in its quest for power and control. Some victims and witnesses have gone so far as to refer to it as witchcraft?

Can the term and definition of witchcraft be applied to the church, and if so, how? Should we shift our childhood perception of those practicing witchcraft from black pointed hats, black robes, and riding broomsticks to well-groomed men and women wearing suits or dresses and toting Bibles?

Why do some leaders and some members spiritually abuse their people? And why do the abused continue to stay in that environment? What are the repercussions of spiritual abuse, and what can be done about it? 

Join host Sherrie Clark as she talks with Dr. Michele Fleming and Rev. Valeriana about this taboo topic. These knowledgeable women will answer these questions and expose a culprit that for many years has tried to stay hidden.

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Depression And Suicide: Is There Hope For The Hopeless?

The joy of Christmas can be a season that reminds us of what we don’t have and a reminder of what some of us do have: loneliness, loss, financial problems, stress, and hopelessness. Although depression and suicide don’t increase during the holidays, talking about them now is a necessary conversation anytime of the year.  

What exactly is depression? What causes it? Is there treatment? Is there hope to overcome it, and if so, what? How common is depression among Christians? What is suicidal ideation? What should you do if you know or suspect someone is suicidal? Is there hope for those contemplating suicide?

In this episode, host Sherrie Clark will have these questions and more addressed by three mental health professionals with each giving their input, experience, expertise, and hope. Listen as Therapist Debbie Furgason, Dr. Arville Renner, and Dr. Michele Fleming weigh in on this intense topic that would have many of us asking, “God, where are you?”

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Harry Potter. Twilight Saga. True Blood. Halloween. And the list goes on. Society’s entertainment has become inundated with witches, vampires, zombies, and the like. The story lines are moving, the plots exciting, the characters even believable. But is it okay for Christians to dabble in this genre?

The church has been divided on this controversial topic for ages. While some Christians believe this is occultist entertainment and an indulgence in paganism, others believe it’s simply harmless fun. But what does the Bible say about it, or does it?

We’ll find out in this week’s episode of God, Where Were You When? as Dr. Michele Fleming talks with host Sherrie Clark. She’ll discuss whether paganism exists in the church, and if so, how, when, where, and to what extent. She’ll talk about tolerance, coexistence, meditation, God’s belief systems, to name a few, and their application to the church and our application of them as Christians.

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The Face of the Church Today Vs. Its Heart (Part 2)

Last week’s show was so powerfully enlightening that we had to bring guests Dr. Gloria Pinkney, Dr. Michele Fleming, and Rev. Valeriana back to delve deeper into the heart and face of the church today.

In this episode, host Sherrie Clark will continue asking them to tackle tough questions such as how the modern-day church looks in regard to end-time prophecy. Where is the modern-day church heading? How does tolerance and compromise fit into its vocabulary? Into its actions and behavior? How can pastors offer hope to those caught up in a progressive and rapidly changing society?

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The Face of the Church Today

Undoubtedly, the Books of Daniel and Revelation are being fulfilled quicker than we can keep up with them. What does today’s church look like in regard to end-time prophecy? Is it in obedience, or is it perverting the truth, or is it in itself perverted? Has it become more loyal to its beliefs than to God? Are we ripe and ready to embrace and become the one-world church?

These are some tough questions that will be tackled when host Sherrie Clark talks with Rev. Valeriana, Dr. Gloria Pinkney, and Dr. Michele Fleming. You definitely don’t want to miss what they have to say.

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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse

What does a minister and law enforcement officer have in common? Both were victims of domestic abuse while in these roles. Listen to their stories during this week’s broadcast of God, Where Were You When?

It’s a silent killer. You can’t see it, but it can still kill you from the inside-out. I’m talking about domestic abuse: emotional, mental, and spiritual. With domestic abuse so rampant, it affects us all either directly or indirectly. Victims are everywhere and in every walk of life. But do you know how to sport them? What characteristics do they share? How can you spot an abuser? More importantly, how can a victim overcome the repetitive cycle of abuse? You’ll find out when guests Marsha Hurst, Rev. Valeriana, and Dr. Michele Fleming share their personal or professional experiences with this potentially deadly social issue.

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Children of Domestic Abuse: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

“Children of Domestic Abuse: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See” focuses on the impact and influence domestic abuse has on children who witness it and how it leads to the decisions they make as adults, including their choice of mates.

Children’s minds are sponges, soaking up everything they hear and see. But what if these sponges soak up toxins? Listen to God, Where Were You When this week to hear the short term and long term effects of children that experience abuse and how it can be overcome.

Domestic abuse leaves a lot of victims in its wake, including those most impressionable–the children. How does this experience affect them as adults? Do they repeat the cycle, becoming victims or abusers? What kind of decisions do they make? What about boundaries? What kinds of mates do they choose? Find out on this week’s show when guests Rene Johnson, and Dr. Michele Fleming discuss these questions and more.

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The term “spiritual abuse” will get a whole new defining level as host Sherrie Clark talks with guests Dr. Michele Fleming and missionary Keri Beardsley.

They’ll discuss this type of exploitation that’s inflicted from a place we consider safe: the church. They’ll explain its common characteristics and traits, the term “frenemy,” issues of conformity, what the Bible says about it, and how to overcome and move forward if you’ve been victimized.

They’ll share their own stories of how even though ministers and therapists, they too became victims of spiritual abuse.

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Stolen Innocence: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

Surprisingly, this heinous crime is not uncommon. What happens to a child emotionally when their innocence has been ripped from him or her? How are they affected later on in life? Is there healing, and if so, how?

Join host Sherrie Clark as she talks with this episode’s guests to get these questions and more answered. Dr. Michele Fleming who specializes in this area will provide the mental health perspective. Jason and Kristin Weis, founders of the anti-child-trafficking agency The Demand Project, will provide their perspectives as child sex trafficking experts. And BJ Vavasseur will provide her perspective as a victim who endured and survived sexual abuse as a child.

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A Stripper And A Sex Addict: From Captives To Freedom

Enticing, alluring, seductive: words that describe the world of sexual pleasure at any cost, even within the church. Those who are trapped in its web discover that although it’s so very easy to get sucked into, it’s almost impossible to pull yourself out. 

Just how harmless is sexual addiction and the adult entertainment industry? We’ll find out when a former exotic dancer and a recovering sex addict tell their stories. 

Join us as host Sherrie Clark’s welcomes Lucie Poirier and Jerry Sinclair whose past, present, and future makes them the very ones to talk about this taboo topic. Also, Dr. Michele Fleming returns to provide and connect wise therapeutic and biblical insight.

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Marital infidelity—a traumatic experience that most of us believe will never happen to us. But what if you discover your spouse has cheated on you? What if you’re the one who has been unfaithful? Is there healing for a marriage that has experienced extramarital affairs?

These answers and more will be answered in this broadcast of God, Where Were You When? Join host Sherrie Clark as she talks with Dr. Michele Fleming, Pastor Lonnie Lane, and our courageous guest who will share her journey through the minefield of betrayal, guilt, and the struggle to trust again

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Priscilla Ruiz Talks About Her Transformation From Homosexual To Evangelist In Her Soon -To-Be-Released Book

In this episode of God, Where Were You When?, guest Priscilla Ruiz talks with host Sherrie Clark and addresses the controversial topic of homosexuality in her soon-to-be-released book.

All of her life, Priscilla was open about her homosexuality, feeling as if she were born a lesbian. Content, she never considered changing and coming out of that lifestyle. But one day during an unexpected supernatural experience that she had not asked for, God came to her and spoke to her. And she has never been the same. Ever since, she’s experience a full life of adventure and witnessed the supernatural hand of God that she would have never thought possible

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