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Intensive Jump Start Programs

Receive the Healing You Desire Today!
Build a Bullet Proof Marriage! Transform your marriage relationship, building the intimacy you desire. Learn to meet each other’s needs, truly be heard, understood, and validated by your spouse. You owe it to yourself to have the relationship you truly desire. Marriage is like a garden, tend it and care for it and it will produce good fruit and beauty indefinitely.

If your goal is to receive individual and relational healing from life experiences and wounds that damaged your soul, produced destructive thinking, life, and relationship skills, you have come to the right place to receive the best help possible.

Regardless of whether you identify with a few or all the categories of different intensives that we offer, we can design a plan for you to address all your challenges that affect your marriage relationship. How important is working on your marriage and family? It is invaluable.

Marriage Intensive Jump Start
Build a Bullet Proof Marriage!
Transform Your Marriage Relationship, building the intimacy you desire. Learn to meet each other’s needs, truly be heard, understood, and validated by your spouse.

One issue stands out as a destructive force in marriage. It is not money, or sex but how your partner hears and responds to your feelings and communicates with you. You cannot have healthy conflict resolution without communication. Communication and conflict resolution skills are required to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

If you are a couple in crisis, you owe it to yourself and your children to give it one more chance to heal the damage and put the pieces back together. Don’t just put skills on top of a faulty foundation. Rebuild the foundation from the root system up.

A family is as healthy as the couple, and couples are as healthy as each individual, and each individual is only as healthy as their own thinking skills. The way that you as an individual have developed your patterns of thought, expectations, life, and relationship skills, affect the overall health of your marriage.

It is essential to be able to identify what healthy and destructive behaviors in marriage look like and learn marriage tools to navigate through every relationship hurtle. You can develop skills to navigate through your challenges and overcome. All it takes is two people willing to learn and grow. Then each individual, the marriage, and your family can be transformed.

One hour a week does not always work for a relationship in crisis. You need an emergency room visit not a routine appointment. If you are emotionally bleeding in your relationship get the best help possible.

You will receive an individualized assessment that is the foundation of designing a custom program to speak to all your needs. Your Ph.D. level counselor will help you with the following:

  • Identify the roots to your beliefs, expectations, and reactions that are based on your personal life experiences, wounds, and triggers.
  • Overcome the pain of loss, rejection, abandonment, fear, and the grief and emotions that overwhelm you.Create a stable foundation for maintaining positive emotions.
  • Learn how to use objective criteria to identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships, and how to identify red flags to self-protect with healthy and godly skills.
  • Complete your grieving process and stop carrying the baggage.
  • Understand your unique design and how to meet your needs, overcome your weaknesses and triggers, and walk in your God identity.
  • Learn thinking skill tools to gain control over thoughts that drive your speech, emotions, and behavior patterns.
  • Overcome fear, anxiety, and depression with tools and skills to apply daily through the triggers and challenges you face.
  • Identify patterns in your life and relationships and learn tools to transform your behaviors for success.
  • Build a tool book filled with applicable tools for every life challenge to use from here forward.
Your toolbox will include the following:
  • Develop cognition skills to train your brain for healthy thinking and the identification of distortions so that you can take your thoughts captive and tear down strongholds quickly to maintain stable emotions.
  • You will receive tools to process and complete grieving.
  • Develop tools to tear down the root system that drives negative emotions.
  • Restore your identity.
  • Identify and overcome the roots to anxiety, fear, and depression.
  • Learn to set boundaries, expectations, and consequences.
  • Develop tools to identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships.
  • Gain objective criteria to identify neglect, abandonment, verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse, gain healing, and stop the patterns.
  • Learn discernment tools and healthy self-protection.
It is All About You – No Groups, No Fluff
There are no groups and no fluff in your custom designed program. It is all about you and the specifics needed to receive healing in your life. Your entire intensive is spent one on one with Dr. Michele.

Our Intensives are Custom Designed for You
I identify what you need for emotional and relational health. We look at the whole man, body, soul, and spirit to receive complete and lasting tools for success.

Jump Start Your Healing
Your intensive is designed as a Jump Start to find the root system and restructure your thinking, life, and relationship skills to bear fruit in your life.

We identify and separate the “Presenting Problems versus Root Problems.” We deal with all the issues from the root system up. Why do you think, feel, and behave the way you do?

You will gain insight and understand your emotions, life, and relationship dynamics based on your thinking, beliefs, wounds, and triggers.

Custom Created Book of Tools to Meet Your Needs

Our intensive is not generic; it focuses on your specific past experiences and challenges to fill in gaps and skills in your thinking, life, and relationship skills.

This intensive will come with a custom created book filled with the tools needed for your specific challenges. It also contains the hundreds of slides that are custom designed for your unique experiences.

Gain a Custom Designed Road Map for Success

An intensive is an investment to provide you with a road map for success in every area of life, emotions, and relationships, providing you with tools and skills for success.

Your Need a Toolbox!

You will gain a useable toolbox filled with tools and skills to apply daily to your thinking, emotions, speech patterns, discernment, life, and relationships.

Your Emotional Life is Like a Garden, it Needs Tending

If you care for it you will enjoy your life and produce good fruit, but if you ignore it you will only have thistles and weeds.

Intensives for Relationships, Emotional Wounds, Codependency, Addiction and More
This program is designed to meet your specific needs and challenges. Whether you need marriage help, healing from abuse, codependency, addiction, or several of these categories, this intensive will be designed and written just for your needs.

Invest in Yourself, and Your Future

Americans spend $30,000, - $90,000 or more on a car that they will drive for 3-7 years. That is a large investment for something you will discard in a short time. Your life is significantly longer. How will you spend it? The average life span of an American is 76 years.

How much more valuable are you and your emotional and relational life? An intensive is a fraction of the cost. The car is gone in a few years, but you must live with yourself all the days of your life.

You are worth the investment!

What is the Price for Peace, Joy, Happy and Healthy Relationships and Families?

How to Do Jumpstart Intensives
This is an in-depth, one-on-one experience with your counselor teaching you tools and skills that are specific for you, and your experiences and needs, to empower you for success.

Your intensive includes two snacks, and lunch. It begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends approximately 5:00 p.m. for a designated number of days. You will leave enlightened, trained, with a toolbox, books, and CD’s to continue your journey forward.

Two sessions are required for background and to design the workshop specifically to your individual needs. An A.P.S. report is required prior to the intensive. The intensive is followed up with weekly sessions to help you apply all that you have learned.

  • Counseling appointment fees are based on a sliding scale both before and after the intensive.
  • The A.P.S. report is a patented test that is $85 per report and one is included with the intensive, two if it is a marriage or premarital intensive. If another person is accompanying the primary client, they may also purchase an A.P.S. report for themselves.
  • A custom designed book with all PowerPoint slides and handouts is included. Additional books for companions will have an additional charge.
  • Based on needs additional books and workbooks are included for homework and continued growth.
  • 2 snacks and lunch are included daily for the participants to keep us working and on task. There will be an additional charge for companions’ meals.
1. Custom Designed Jumpstart Intensive:
One on One Live with Dr. Michele
a. 6 full days gaining tools equivalent to eleven months of counseling with a tool book and additional books and homework to complete after the intensive.
This option replaces 30-90-day rehabs with proper weekly follow through appointments and local support networks. (In the local office in person usually a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday two consecutive weeks in a row. This can be adjusted or consecutive.)
Two payments of $4,797.97
b. Most Popular - 3 full days of gaining tools equivalent to six months of counseling with a tool book, additional books, and homework to complete after the intensive. (In the local office in person usually on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This can be adjusted.)
Two payments of $2,737.97
d. 3 Intensive days divided into 12 weeks. (Can be done in person or live on Skype.)
  • Six 3-hour live sessions every other week with homework to complete.
  • On the alternating every other week following the 3-hour session there will be six 1-hour sessions to discuss the application of homework skills and tools that you are developing.
Four monthly payments of $1,397.97
A family member may attend without any charge for the intensive. A fee of $50 per day is required to cover food and books for the additional participant.
Meetings will be video recorded upon request and made available for purchase so that you can relisten to desired segments repeatedly. There is a charge of $497. for the three days of modules to be video recorded. No personal interactions are recorded.
A 3.75% charge is accrued to all credit card transactions to cover fees.
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All types of intensives can be adapted for groups in a church setting.
Call to schedule a workshop in your church or group.
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