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Victorious Living
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Dr. Michele is a Clinical Christian CounselorChristian Speaker, and author of four books. She has been in Christian leadership for 30 years and has over 17 years experience in Clinical Christian Counseling. She holds a Ph.D. in Christian Psychology, is an Ordained Minister, and speaks on a wide variety of topics that provide a bridge between counseling information, such as thinking and life skills, and connects them to biblical principles and their daily application.

Life Renewal Inc. was founded by Dr. Michele in 2001. She has a passion to provide tools to move people from biblical knowledge to daily application. This multifaceted ministry provides individual and family counseling, providing outreach through social media and the web. She creates counseling tools to apply to your thinking, life, and relationship skills so that you can ultimately reflect Christ in your life.

Life Renewal Inc. uses various forms of media to provide helpful teaching series, books, blogs, videos, audio teachings, podcasts, and webinars to bring the counselor to you via the internet. Dr. Michele is the host of a new radio show on the Truth Network called “Walk Like Jesus” with a focus on providing insightful skills, and tools to help you overcome and achieve all that God has for you.

Dr. Michele is an engaging speaker who is multidimensional and speaks on scriptural applications that apply to body, soul, and spirit. She teaches biblical principles in thinking, life, and relationship skills, addressing all types of life challenges and balances scriptural knowledge and counseling tools with a deep understanding of spiritual warfare principles.

She gives clear understanding of how past wounds, faulty thinking and life skills open doors to the spiritual realm and hinder your ability to live the gospel daily. She teaches the how to steps that move your biblical knowledge from understanding to practical application.

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Join Clinical Christian Counselor and Christian Speaker Dr. Michele Fleming, leading authority on empowering solutions for living a more fulfilling life, as she reveals the secrets to…

  1. Breaking through challenges of relationships, finances, communication, work, times skills, and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  2. Eliminating negative actions and emotions, stopping negativity in its tracks.
  3. Unlocking your unique personal blueprint to your continued development to regain control of the direction of your life.
  4. Identifying and defeating limiting behaviors in your life and those around you.
  5. Positively influencing on your environment despite a negative world.
  6. Feeding your 10 most significant needs for consistent growth and positive development
  7. Being victorious on the battleground of your mind.

And much more!

Dr. Michele Fleming, Ph.D is a clinical Christian counselor, speaker, and author with 5 board certifications and over 13 years experience empowering her clients to breakthrough a variety of life’s most pressing challenges.

Her mission is to reach people and families around the world to create stronger life skills and lead more fulfilling lives. This free training video is to help extend her mission and reach you.

This training is a gift to help spread her mission. There is no cost, and no obligation. Register now by entering your name and email address on this page to watch it now and start mastering your thinking and regaining control of your life!

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